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Safety Tips for ATV Riders in Wake of Fatal Accident

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Division of Natural Resources Officer Jonathan Gills is familiar with offroad accidents, including the fatal accident on Saturday, November 11, 2017. Usually, they involve the driver's focus failing to keep the controls firm.

"The majority of accidents that I've personally have worked... is more along the same lines of being aware and paying attention to the trails," Gills said.

One tip he highly recommends is to recognize the trail's landscape before taking it on.

"Make sure they're familiar with where they're going to be traveling," Gills said. "Their routes to and from, wherever they're starting from, wherever they'll be covering."

In addition to the proper eye-wear, long-sleeved clothing can help keep you warm and covered from any roadside run-in's.

"(It will) keep you protected from the shrubbery and the bushes," Gills said.

Individually, Gills has only dealt with about 40 accidents this calendar year over 6 counties. To him, it's a small number, but even less accidents can happen if drivers keep their eyes on the dirt road.

"It's not a high number when you compare to amount of people that are here," Gills said. "The majority are your local people, and your out-of-staters are coming in to visit. They're enjoying it responsibly like they should."

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