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Rainelle Community Comes Together to Donate to Local Veterans Overseas

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The Town of Rainelle is coming together to collect items for local soldiers who are deployed overseas. Even though soldiers are far away, they are bringing the people in the Rainelle community closer together.   

Marybeth Altizer, a Data Clerk for Case West Virginia, said she is happy to see everyone bind together for a good cause. 
"One person can't do all this but when we group together and we connect with other people we can get a lot done," Altizer said. 

Men and women from the U.S. Army Reserves 811th  Ordinance in Rainelle are deployed overseas. The community came together to donate necessities and gifts to comfort them through the holiday season.   

Linda Sims, a Secretary for CASE West Virginia, said many people and businesses are thinking of the soldiers. 

"A lot of churches are donating and schools, all the elementary schools here in the Rainelle area are doing cards and a lot of citizens are coming by and bringing things," Sims said. 

Its not public knowledge where the soldiers from Rainelle are located, however the community is working to make sure they receive several boxes filled with supplies and gifts before Christmas. 

Cy Persinger, a Midland Trail High School FCA Member, said he is happy to give back what he can to those who gave all. 

"These soldiers have made such a  big sacrifice for us, its the least that we can do to give them the simple things that we don't think about everyday," Persinger said. 

 CASE West Virginia in Rainelle is the designated drop off location.  All items will be shipped off on November 15th. 

If you would like to contribute, you donate the following:

Protein Bars, batteries, beef jerky, coffee, pre-sweetened powdered Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Ziploc bags, hot chocolate/hot cider packets, Slim Jims, summer sausage, beef sticks, canned fruit, dried fruit, canned hearty soup, Ravioli, stew, Top Ramen, Trail Mix, nuts, sunflower seeds, pre-packaged cookies, instant oatmeal, Easy Mac, microwave popcorn, canned tuna/canned chicken, peanut butter/jelly (no glass), multi-vitamins, Tylenol, foot powder, anti-fungal cream. 

Special Wants: 
Small personal or desk fans, hand and foot warmers, twin sheet sets, pillow cases, travel size pillows, cool scarves, jogging pants, cool max t-shirts, wash cloths and bath towels, flashlights, headlamps, leatherman, new or good condition books (no romance please) mystery, western, thriller, sport, inspirational. 

Call CASE West Virginia for a list of other items to donate at (304) 438-5810. 

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