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Monument Revealed in Monroe County to Honor Vietnam Veterans

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Vietnam Veterans were recognized and honored in Monroe County with a special ceremony on Thursday, November 9th. Four veterans from Monroe County who lost their lives in the Vietnam war had their names placed on a monument. The four men are Everette Robert Johnson, Carl Roger Crosier, Andres Starrett Pierce Jr., and Franklin Wylie Neel. 

People in the community and veterans wanted to dedicate something special to them. All veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice also were recognized during the revelation.  

Warren Ellison, an Army Veteran, was very humble during the ceremony and stated he was simply following orders. 

"Its unbelievable that I would be sitting here having my picture taken just because I was in the Army and did what they told me to do when they told me to do it and I'm very fortunate I never got a scratch out of that thing and it was a good place to get scratches too," Ellison said.
This monument can be seen outside of the Monroe County Courthouse. 

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