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Inside Beckley PD Active Threat Training

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This week Beckley Police Department is undergoing active threat and shooter exercises to stay up to date with the latest techniques and tactics.

Lieutenant Charles Ragland teaches his officers how to respond to not just an active shooter situation but also an active threat. 

"We don't want people to think that we are only going to respond to a school or business if there's a shooter we want people to realize that a threat can come from different things it can come from a gun, a knife, a vehicle thats an active threat if someone is doing harm to someone else thats an active threat," Ragland said. 

Wednesday nights scenario took place at Beckley Stratton Middle School.  Officers learned how to maneuver through a school hallway on their own and end a threat. The exercise uses the latest techniques to teach a different approach on how to respond.

"The officers that we have actually have these tactics taught to them most of them through training and the training at the academy all we are doing is changing the technique and the way they use these tactics to safely effectively and quickly find the threat," Ragland said. 

With the increase in active threats across the U.S. Ragland said his ultimate goal is to ensure his officers are well prepared to react  when needed.

"Its not anymore of when its going to happen it is its going to happen we just don't know to what extreme and we don't know where we're going to see one an active threat situation and like I said I want my guys to be ready I want my guys to be able to handle that threat on their own if necessary."

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