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Beckley Purse Snatch Suspect Bond Revoked

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A Beckley man who is accused of putting an elderly woman in the hospital for viciously trying to snatch her purse returns to court for violating his bond on Wednesday morning (9/13).

Lowe was arrested back in May after he allegedly snatched a purse from an 86-year-old woman who was severely injured.

Lowe was released on a $150,000 bond, but that bond came with terms. "That he enter into an successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program as well as get on electronic monitoring," the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Raleigh County, Benjamin Hatfield said.

In order to stay out of jail, Lowe had to abide by those rules. However, the court soon found out, that wasn't the case. "He was kicked out of the house for drug usage, controlled substance usage," Hatfield said. It's that poor decision that has Lowe back before the judge.

Lowe's attorney stood up for him saying putting him in jail for violating his bond won't be any good for the tax payers, instead he should be put in a local faith based drug program. Hatfield said with the crimes he committed, he strongly disagreed. "We reserve budgeted jail bill money to keep money like Mr. Lowe incarcerated when they're charged with this level of severity of crimes," Hatfield said.

It was a lot of back and forth between the two sides in court but in the end the judge said Lowe will be sent to Southern Regional Jail. "If you can't comply with the terms that unfortunate, but you have to go back to jail," Hatfield said.

Lowe will remain in the Southern Regional Jail pending his judicial process. "He will await his fate whether that be trial or plea bargain at a later time, but it will be in Southern Regional Jail," Hatfield said.

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