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Ad Campaign Launched to Say "Yes" to West Virginia Road Bonds

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"You have the power to fix our roads; make our highways safer; put people to work; and grow West Virginia economy." That's from a recent radio ad from the West Virginia Business & Industry Council. 

Just weeks before West Virginians vote on a $1.6 billion road bond, radio ads are now running to urge people to vote yes on the plan to build and fix more roads.

"Yes, we think it is vitally important, practically to every business. Every industry that's part of the Business and Industry Council appreciates good roads and it appreciates all of the jobs that this measure is going to bring to our state," said Chris Hamilton, President of the West Virginia Business and Industry Council.

Governor Jim Justice has been out selling the plan across the state. He believes it will eventually create more than 40,000 construction jobs and generate a lot of revenue to fix the state's economy. Not everyone buys it.

"My voter will be no, but I certainly will honor the majority vote of the people of the state of West Virginia," said Del. Marty Gearheart, Chairman, (R) House Roads & Transportation Committee.

To underwrite the bonds the Legislature and Governor increased DMV fees and wholesale gas taxes. Some lawmakers say that should have been left up to voters.

"The Legislature and Governor passed tax increases, already to help fund this road bond, this deneuting the voters of the right to determine whether or not they wanted to borrow the money and have additional taxes," Chairman Gearheart said.

Still, the plan has wide bipartisan support.

Early voting for the road bond referendum begins on September 22nd, but those who wish to vote in person at their precinct can do so on Saturday, October 7th.

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