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WVU Tech Recognizes Suicide Prevention Week After The Passing Away Of A Student

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WVU Tech Beckley Campus WVU Tech Beckley Campus

It's suicide prevention week and college campuses around the country are doing what they can to bring awareness to this issue.  

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 20-24 year olds. Many students on college campuses across the nation struggle through suicidal thoughts. That's why this week is so important for these students on campus. This hits hard for WVU Tech in Beckley since they've recently loss one of their school mates to suicide. For WVU Tech Student, Hannah Calhoun, she lost one of her closest friends. 

"The student who took his life this summer was actually one of my very best friends, we were hitting partners so we would go in the cage and hit everyday and he was so focused on making everyone else happy that no body ever noticed that something was wrong and I wish that I would have noticed, I wish I would have been able to say hey we have these resources here for you and to be able to do something." Calhoun, said. 

Calhoun said he hid it from everyone. Baseball was his life and he quit the team a week before taking his life. No one could wrap their mind around it. 

"Everyone is in shock and then tears and we had to come together from multiple states we're hoping to make a trip to see his mom soon we can all get together but we had to comfort each other through the phone through text messages." Calhoun, said. 

Students on WVU Tech's Campus said it's changed the way they see suicide and how they treat others on campus.

"I think since that a lot of us on campus have paid more attention, the small things that maybe we didn't notice before, we kind of see as like a big thing so now I think we kind of go out of our way to say hey look you haven't gone to class today or I've noticed you've been really upset this week do you want to talk about it?" WVU Tech Student, Luke Lobson, said. 

WVU Tech wants their students to know they are always there for them if needed. They have a number of resources students can talk to if they're thinking about suicide. You can contact WVU Tech Counseling Services or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255


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