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Former Beckley Firefighter Reflects on 9/11

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As the world remember the lives lost on the sixteenth anniversary of 9/11, some people right here in Southern West Virginia say that day is a special one for them.

It was September 11, 2001, "I just wanted to be there," the Fire Coordinator and Director of Raleigh County Fire Levy, Kevin Price said.

It's a day that hits home to Price, "We go in to where nobody else goes."

As a former firefighter in Beckley for more than 20 years and someone who is still involved in the fire service, he explained what those men and women did 16 years ago is unforgettable. "They were out there days at a time with no sleep, dirty, bloody fingers, just hoping to move a piece of rock and see someone there," Price said.

As someone who has run into burning buildings and risked his own life for the safety of others, he said as a firefighter that's what you're there to do. "That's just part of the job, every time a firefighter goes into a burning building they expect to come out," Price said.

For 343 firefighters making it out alive wasn't the case. Price said it's the fight those selfless heroes put on that he wants his community right here in Beckley to be aware of. Price was instrumental in getting a monument in Word Park which is made of a piece of steel from the World Trade Center. He stressed by having this in his community, it will let people here feel for those impacted. "It's our way of honoring those, police fire, EMS, port authority, and the civilians who gave their lives," Price said.

It's the lives of the American Heroes who stepped up to the plate to protect others and Price wants everyone to remember them for years to come.

"They were just doing their job and unfortunately they didn't get to come home," Price said.

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