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Raleigh County Man Arraigned for Home Invasion

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After a 24 hour manhunt, the man behind a home invasion robbery in the Dry Creek area Tuesday (8/9) is now in custody.

"I'm sorry for what I am," that's what Brandon Cantley had to say after West Virginia State Police said he held a 91-year-old woman and her caretaker against their will at a home. "He did tie one of the individuals up, then he later locked them in an elevator," West Virginia State Police, Sergeant Matthew Horn.

Sergeant Horn said from there Cantley escaped with a pistol, cash, jewelry, and a vehicle. In response to robbing the women, Cantley said, "I didn't want to take, I wanted to work for it, it just happened."

After robbing the elderly woman and her caretaker, Cantley continued his crime spree. "Short time later, he actually took an individual and forced them to drive him out of the area," Cantley said. After that Cantley's luck ran out. At the Eccles Post Office, Raleigh County Deputies detained Cantley before he could commit another crime.

"An elderly man from Eccles was checking his mail and he gained entry into that gentleman's car and tried to get him to drive him to Beckley," said Sgt. Horn. 59 News asked Cantley the reason behind committing these crimes, "To prove a point," he added.

Cantley is now facing a list of charges including; kidnapping, battery, assault, armed robbery, and grand larceny. Cantley did did have something to say to the victims and their families. "It is what it is, it's over and done, I didn't hurt you and I didn't hurt you. I apologize, I'm sorry for what it is, it is," Cantley.

Cantley could now serve a life sentence behind bars.

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