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Houston Scouts Offer Help to Greenbrier County Non-Profit

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Boy Scouts are working hard to help a Lewisburg non-profit organization. Please Save a Cat, Inc. operates solely on donations and volunteers.

This organization temporarily looks after pets for military families who can not take their pet out of the country. For 5 days the Boy Scouts have been cleaning, organizing and painting. They also built a pen for some of the animals. 

"I really like what this place save a cat is doing with the animals, always taking care of them and making sure they get back to owners who are overseas fighting for our country, I think they have a great cause," said William Murphy, Boy Scout. 

Linda Yoak, the Managing Director, did not agree with service men and women putting themselves and harms way and having to give up their pets. 

"We were pulling from high kill shelters 20 years ago and while we were pulling out of them we discovered they were taking in animals from the kids that were going to Iraq, and we thought that wasn't right," Yoak said. 

 If you would like to volunteer to foster a pet you can sign up on pleasesaveacat.com 

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