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Greenbrier County Mayors Speak Out on Recovery Efforts

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Greenbrier County -

As we approach the one year anniversary of the floods last June, recovery is still underway in Greenbrier County. 

It was like something out of a disaster film, but for many people, it was a horrific reality. Flood waters raged through the towns people call home, leaving a path of destruction behind. Out of that chaos, those towns are rising about the flood waters. "It's been a lot of sorrow, a lot of grief, and a lot of joy," said the Mayor of Rainelle, Andy Pendleton.

As the Mayor of Rainelle, Andy Pendleton saw her town washed away before her eyes and it's been an emotional roller coaster. "90 percent of our homes were affected and all businesses but one. They had the courage and the strength build again."

Through it all she said there is hope for a new beginning. "It's all slowly being taken care of and what's done is better than it was," said Mayor Pendleton.

It's that hope for the the future that keeps people in towns like Alderson going. "We are Alderson strong," said the Mayor of Alderson, Travis Copenhaver.

Mayor Copenhaver said their strength comes from unity. "Our community stepped up," Mayor Copenhaver.

With 11 homes washed away, rebuilding hasn't been easy. "A year later, we've had challenges with get people resources to rebuild," Mayor Copenhaver.

By working together, these communities are putting their lives back together one brick at a time. "We are strong, our businesses that were effected, we didn't lose a business everyone's back," Mayor Copenhaver.

It's been almost a year since the June floods and these mayors agree, it will take time for life to return to normal. "Definitely, people have no idea," Mayor Copenhaver. "It feels like what the flood was named after, a thousand years," said Mayor Pendleton.

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