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Fayette County BOE Passes School Consolidation Plan

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The future of Fayette County Schools is starting to look more clear. 

Superintendent Terry George's recommendation for the school consolidation passed 4-1 in a meeting the night of Tuesday, May 16, 2017. The plan would close several schools with low student counts and put them in bigger schools in the county like Oak Hill High School. 

"By bringing everybody under one roof, it's not only going to bring down our overall costs, but it's going to mean we have more facilities and resources in central locations for our students to take advantage of," Brad Limer, Fayette United For Safe Education board member, said.

Limer was at the meeting and said the vote gives him hope for education in the county. 

But people from the Meadow Bridge and Valley High School communities are against consolidation because of how long bus rides would become for their students. George still believes it's best for all students in the county. 

"The quality in education that students are going to have an avenue to, we think overrides the bus trip," George said.

Now that the local board of education has passed it, the state board of education must approve the plan.

Limer said that's only the beginning of a long road for Fayette County Schools to provide the quality of education its students deserve. 

"Buildings still don't teach students and responsibility, they don't teach them about life or education," Limer said. "So once we get through this process, there's still a lot more work that needs to be done."

George said he anticipates the state board of education to make its decision by sometime in July, 2017. He told 59News us the entire plan would take about two years to finish.

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School Board members from Fayette County have voted to close or consolidate several schools in the county.

Over the past month, the Board of Education held several public hearings around the county about the issue.

Tuesday, May 16, Fayette County Schools Superintendent's recommendation for the consolidation plan passed 4-1.

The State Board of Education still has to approve the plan.

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