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Alderson Repairs Serious Potholes

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The floods last June devastated homes in Alderson and it tore apart the roads. "I don't know how many people asked me 'Hoppy when are they going to open that road up?'" said a resident living in Alderson, Robert "Hoppy" Hopkins.

Hoppy lives just feet away from the massive manhole caused by the flood waters and he said it's now created a hassle for drivers. "A lot of people do travel this road," said Hoppy.

The mayor said he understands the frustration and since the floods he has been working toward a solution. "It's not just one manhole, it's a storm system manhole and four manholes of the actual waste water sewage water," said the Mayor of Alderson, Travis Copenhaver.

Maple Avenue, one of the town's busiest streets is where the major problem lies and the hole goes at least six feet under the ground. The mayor said that hole isn't the only one, creating for a larger problem. "We have just found in the past month that other areas have surfaced," said Mayor Copenhaver.

Now with multiple roads involved the mayor said he is doing everything to make sure the community's safe. "It's my priority, this has taken an entire team," said Copenhaver.

The mayor estimated the project will cost upwards of a half of million dollars, but no matter what it takes he said he is going to fix it. "It is on my forefront," said Copenhaver.

There's no official time line for the project, but the mayor estimates it will take close to a year to fix. 

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