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WV Students Selected for the U.S. Senate Youth Program

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Two West Virginia students were chosen to be delegates for the United States Senate Youth Program. This program will allow them to go to the White House and have an inside look at what goes on.

At just 18 years old, Antonella Blanco was one of 100 students nationwide selected for the senate youth program. "I think that I will really take this as a learning opportunity and a learning experience as person who's pursing a career in public policy and as a military officer, this experience will be valuable to me," said Blanco.

As a volunteer firefighter in Union and a part of JROTC, Blanco is committed to helping her community. "I'm very concerned with the opioid epidemic here and I think that definitely needs to be addressed," said Blanco.

As someone who has grown up in the small town of Union, she is ready to leave and head to Washington D.C. to meet with the President of the United States where she plans to discuss issues going on in West Virginia. "Having the ability to discuss important topics with him on legislation will be a good opportunity for me to discuss important topics not only for me but for West Virginia," said Blanco.

On top of getting an inside look of the White House, this program is awarding Blanco with $10,000 toward a scholarship which she will use at West Point. "I plan on serving a career as a military officer and I plan on pursing a career in law," said Blanco. From there, she has big dreams she hopes to pursue. "This is kind of a crazy dream of mine but I'd like to be the Secretary of Defense someday," said Blanco.

This July, Antonella will head off to West Point where she plans to begin her military career.

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