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Safety Concerns Bring About Change at Dorie Miller Park

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A winding Lewisburg road causes more than just driving concerns. Next to it's most major curve sits a parking area and a shelter for Lewisburg's Dorie Miller Park, a popular spot for family gatherings.

"It's right here in this curve of a city street and there's inadequate parking. We really felt that perhaps, the time has come to reevaluate this shelter and how it serves park users," says Public Works Director Roger Pence. So, Pence and the park board members did just that- reevaluate. They did so with the help of community members. Now, a renovation project is underway. Phase one includes a few construction projects and upgrades to what is currently known as shelter two.

Phase two will take contractors to the other side of the park where they will work on eliminating the concerns surrounding parking. With the work being done, the problem-causing parking lot will be a problem no more. It will be landscaped, and all parking is set to move down to the other side of the park.

Phase one is supposed to be finished by the spring, phase two is set to begin in the fall. 

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