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FERC holds pipeline meeting in Monroe County

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LINDSIDE - The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also known as FERC is holding scoping meetings throughout West Virginia. 

Monday's (5/4/15) is in Monroe County at James Monroe High School. The 11 counties affected by the pipeline are condensed into four meetings, making some residents travel more than an hour. 

"By limiting the number of meetings to four for the entire state of WV and by putting them in very remote locations they've essentially cut off a large number of people," said Greenbrier County resident Elisabeth Tobey.

One resident said his main concern with the Mountain Valley proposed pipeline is the Red Sulphur Watershed, that supplies water throughout Monroe County.

"We had one gas pipeline go through there last summer and since that time we have had an alarming increase in turbidity in our water supply, which includes mud, dirt, silt, sludge," said Dr. Stephen Miller. 

Mountain Valley was also present at this meeting.

They were not required to be there, but chose to because they said they want to hear from the public, good and bad. Mountain Valley Pipeline spokesperson Aaron Ruby said one of the main benefits of the pipeline is jobs in West Virginia.

"Mountain Valley Pipeline is going to generate four thousand jobs in West Virginia during the two year construction phase. Now some of that labor is going to be highly specialized and will have to come from outside the area, but there will nevertheless be significant opportunities, " said Ruby.

Another way Monroe County will benefit from the pipeline is through income. Ruby said Mountain Valley will pay around 1.7 million dollars in annual property taxes.  

The public got a chance to talk with Mountain Valley and express their concerns to FERC. The next meeting if planned for Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 7 p.m.  It will begin at 7 p.m.  June 16 is the deadline for the public to submit their comments to FERC.

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