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17 year old dies after serious asthma attack

17 year old dies after serious asthma attack

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Elizabeth Helton waited patiently to  hear what Doctors at Raleigh General Hospital had to say about her daughters health after an intense asthma attack. 

"She just looked at me and said, I'm sorry. I knew then that she was gone," Helton said. 

Helton's 17 year old Daughter, Ashlei Fox had asthma and had been dealing with breathing issues for a few years. On Monday she got to a point where she couldn't catch her breath and she cried out for help. Ashlei then collapsed and went unconscious.

Her mom, who works at a hospital knows CPR and tried to resuscitate her. In the meantime, emergency crews were called but they couldn't make it all the way to the house because of the snow on the roads. 

"They actually had to put her on a back board, on the rescue sled and drag her about half way down the road," Helton said. 

Ashlei was pronounced dead at the hospital after multiple efforts to bring her back. Helton said Ashlei was a fun loving girl who loved country music.

"It's turned my world upside down," Helton said. 

Ashley's family is now struggling to pay for a funeral and their asking for help. Here's a like to Ashlei's Go Fund Me account for funeral expenses. 
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