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19 year old woman charged after brutal pastor murder

UPDATE: Plea Deal Offered in Beckley Murder Case

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UPDATE: May 22, 2017 at 4:42 p.m.:  A woman accused of murder in Raleigh County accepts a plea deal. Camille Brown is expected back in court Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 1 p.m.

Brown is accused of killing Ron Browning in February 2015. She was originally charged with first degree murder and 2 counts of burglary, but she was offered a plea deal for second degree murder and burglary.

Nothing is final until a judge accepts or rejects the plea deal. 

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UPDATE: May 18, 2017: Camille Brown appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Brown is accused of killing Ron Browning in February 2015. A judge ruled Thursday that her statement to police, where she admitted to killing someone, was voluntary and therefore admissible in court.

She was originally charged with first degree murder and 2 counts of burglary, but Thursday she was offered a plea deal for second degree murder and burglary.

She has until Monday, May 21 to accept the deal or her trial will take place on June 13, 2017 in Raleigh County Circuit Court. 

UPDATE: Feb. 16, 2015:

19-year-old, Camille Brown, seemed normal from the outside looking in. She was a recent student at West Virginia University and police said she has never been in trouble with the law before, but after Pastor Ronald Browning was found murdered in his home, the investigation led straight to Brown. 

"It's been devastating for all of us. He has been our pastor for 11 years and everybody just loved him," Leslee Jolly, Browning's close friend, said.

In a press conference at the Beckley Police Department,  Detective Morgan Bragg said that, combined with Brown's statement, there is enough evidence to charge Brown with murder.

"Probably the most disturbing thing is that the two people did not know each other, they had never crossed paths," added Detective Bragg. 

Detective Bragg said he has no clue what the motive was.  If you remember, Camille Brown was found near Ronald Browning's home, breaking and entering in another home, when police caught up with her. 

When they got there they found the 19-year-old, covered in blood, urine and feces, and she was not complying with instructions from officers. The homeowners told police she just broke into the home and they did not know her. Once officers sat down and spoke with Brown, they say she told them she had committed murder earlier in the day. 

Browning's co-worker and close friend said if the pastor was still alive, he would tell the young girl one thing.

"Forgive her, that would be the first thing out of his mouth, forgive her," Jolly said. 

Brown has been charged with murder, her pretrial hearing, officials said, will be held sometime next week. 

Original Story:

"I've known Ron since I was in diapers, he was a very good man," said Thomas McMillion. McMillion and his brother Frank would have never guessed anything bad would ever happen to their neighbor, Ronald Browning.

"He was a good person, he worked in the mines and now he's retired," Frank McMillion said.

The McMillions said Browning volunteered his time at Raleigh General and was a pastor at a church in the Cool Ridge area.

"He was like a second daddy to me after my dad passed away" Thomas McMillion said.

McMillion said the neighborhood is always quiet and a lot of other elderly people live in the area, but nothing like this has ever shaken up the little neighborhood.

"And we've never had anything like that in the neighborhood, it's just a horrible thing to have such a good person pass away like that," said Thomas McMillion.

Now the McMillions are hoping justice is served. Detective Morgan Bragg with the Beckley Police Department said they have identified a person of interest in this case.

"The suspect is not at large at this time, they are in custody on unrelated charges, we will make an arrest in this case, but we are approaching that with caution as to how we make that arrest," said Bragg.

Detective Bragg said they will have a warrant out for the arrest of the suspect within the next day or two. The suspect, Bragg said, will be charged with first degree murder.

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