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Bear attacks dog in Raleigh County

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COOL RIDGE -  In Raleigh County, a woman comes home to find her dog laying lifeless in the backyard after being attacked by a bear. 

"I came home after a doctors visit, and only Athena had come back. I went outside to take a phone call and found him laying on my mat ripped up," said dog owner Sommer Aponte. 

Aponte said when she saw her dog Oden hurt she immediately called neighbors and if it weren't for them, Oden wouldn't have survived.

"I had some friends donate $275.00 towards his vet bill and I got a ride from the neighbors up to Beckley vet and I saw Dr. Perry and he did the exam and he said it was a bear attack."

Oden received 68 stitches, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Oden's vet said this had to be a younger bear that attacked Oden, because a larger one would have killed him.

Aponte said this had to have happened close to her house because neither dogs ever go too far from the house.

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