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UPDATE: New details released after troopers bust alleged pill ring

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Ten suspects arrested in connection with alleged pill ring Ten suspects arrested in connection with alleged pill ring
Ten suspects arrested in connection with alleged pill ring Ten suspects arrested in connection with alleged pill ring


We've learned new details about a warrant sweep in Eastern Kanawha County.  According to court documents, on or around May 11, 2014 to July 1, 2014, a woman named Tonya Ramsey was obtaining prescriptions for Oxycodone.

Ramsey was supplying prescriptions for the following people, troopers said:  Billy Ramsey, Michael White, Savannah Frye, Dustin Shelton, Kayla Breeden, Ronald Dodrill, Christopher Hancock, Rachel Cooper, Chase Adams, Jeremy Wilkenson, Joseph Jones and Adam Haun.    Ramsey, according to court documents, was forging a Charleston doctor's signature on scripts that she told troopers she found.

On July 28, the investigating trooper contacted Dr. Tony Majestro's office.  Majestro practices in an office in CAMC General Hospital.  The trooper spoke with Majestro's secretary.  The secretary gave the trooper a statement.  

She said Ramsey was not a patient, and Majestro did not write Ramsey a prescription for Oxycodone.  The secretary told the trooper that Majestro had, in fact, lost a prescription pad, but "wasn't sure of the exact date when he lost it."

The investigating trooper then obtained statements from multiple people who all said that Tonya Ramsey had been filling out the prescriptions for Oxycodone with their information on it.  She then, according to documents, would split the pills with them once the prescriptions were filled.

We have reached out to CAMC, asking what protocol is in regard to missing or lost prescription pads.  So far, we have not received answers to those questions.  We will be following up. 

Troopers are still searching for five more suspects in connection with this case.  



Troopers with the West Virginia State Police arrested 10 people Monday night in connection with what they're calling an extensive prescription pill ring.  According to investigators, it all began when a female suspect found a doctor's prescription pad.

That woman, along with others, were selling each script for $400 a page. They were also accepting prescription pills as a form of payment, troopers said.  

Eventually, troopers caught onto the crime the suspects were committing, and began their investigation.  After a month, they identified 15 people who were allegedly involved.  Investigators said, each script has a number on it, and that number makes the script easily traceable. 

 Monday night around 8 p.m., they conducted a warrant sweep to take the suspects into custody.

At their first stop, a mobile home in Shrewsbury, they found six of the suspects.  Also in the mobile home, troopers found two meth labs.  They took samples from the labs on scene.  More meth making materials were also found at the scene. 

After leaving that mobile home, troopers searched for the other nine suspects involved.  They located four additional suspects, and those suspects were arraigned in front of a Kanawha County magistrate Monday night.  One of the suspects was located in Putnam County, he will be arraigned Thursday morning.  

Troopers still plan on arresting five additional suspects in connection with these crimes. 

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