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WV Wilderness group fights against gas companies over pipeline in Pocahontas County

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MARLINTON - The West Virginia Wilderness group has been fighting for months with three gas companies that want to put a pipeline in Pocahontas County.

Lauren Ragland is the founder of West Virginia Wilderness. She said the pipeline does not belong in Pocahontas County.

"There are three gas companies that want to race over the Allegheny mountains with gas that would permanently affect our area. 42 inch pipelines or transmission pipelines and they race and roar through the mountains," Ragland said.

She said the gas companies are not telling the public all the information about what the pipeline will do to the land.

"It's like saying I'm gonna build a garden but you don't mention that you can to toil the land and you need to add things to the dirt well that's the same thing I feel like when I'm trying to educate the public, it's not just the pipeline."

The Pocahontas County Commission met Tuesday, Aug. 18 to hear from both West Virginia Wilderness and representatives of Dominion Resources' companies. 

The commission did not decide anything, but instead listened to both sides and the public.

Ragland wants County Commission to say no to the gas companies like other neighboring counties have done in Virginia.

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