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UPDATE: Resolution to Build Power Plant in Marshall County Passes in 2-1 Vote

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The Marshall County Commission on Tuesday passed a resolution to begin construction on a proposed natural gas power plant by a 2-1 vote.

The Commission chambers were  packed with residents and lawyers as they anxiously awaited the decision on building a gas power plant in Marshall County.

It's been a rough eight months in the chambers when it came to this decision that divided commissioners, especially Bob Miller. He has been against government owning this property since the beginning.

He stuck to his guns Tuesday morning, as the only commissioner who voted against the plan.

After the vote was finalized, almost the entire room erupted with clapping.

"They're going to create 30 to 40 great paying jobs at Moundsville Power, and hundreds of construction jobs here for the economy so I'm really looking forward to the project and it's completion and it's going to be an exciting time for marshall county," said Glen Dale Resident Jim Beatty.

So what's next? Commissioner Brian Schambach says Moundsville power, who the commission made the lease agreement with, has some final details to go over and then they'll start the bidding for construction.

A special meeting was held Monday to help community members and commissioners better understand legalities, liabilities and safety measures for building the proposed gas powered plant, Moundsville Power. Insurance agencies and the county's legal counsel told commissioners they would have no responsibility or liability for the power plant, and Moundsville Power would be liable should anything go wrong.

"We're not opposed to the power plant, we're opposed to the county owning it," Sand Hill resident John Toth said at the meeting. "We're opposed to the tax breaks that not only these people, but other companies are getting while the small businesses in Marshall County, their taxes are all raising."

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The county would also receive more than $31 million over the 30-year term of the lease and PILOT financing project. 

"I think the power house is going to add a lot of value to the community," said Glenn Douglas Giffin, with Wheeling Local 141. "I think it's going to add a lot of construction jobs. It's also going to add a lot of jobs in general to the public to keep our young people here in the valley."

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