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Landlord says Beckley's "Ice Cream Man" has cockroaches infested in and around his ice cream

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Al Jessup, "The Ice Cream Man" accused of having cockroaches in his home and ice cream he sells to the public Al Jessup, "The Ice Cream Man" accused of having cockroaches in his home and ice cream he sells to the public
A Beckley icon is now searching for a place to live. Al Jessup, known to many as "The Ice Cream Man" was evicted from his home last Thursday.

Was he wrongfully kicked out, or for good reason?

Jessup's landlord cites "unsanitary conditions, subletting and his refusal to allow renovations" as a few reasons for wanting him out. But the biggest factor, she said, is the cockroaches she said she's seen, not only in his house, but in the ice cream that many in Raleigh County have enjoyed for over 30 years.

You probably have seen Al Jessup uptown at Friday's in the Park or maybe strolling along the Beckley Rail-Trail, always with his ice cream cart ready to offer you a sweet treat on a hot day. But his landlord says there's a disturbing side to his story.

Landlord Glenni Snodgrass showed us pictures she snapped inside Jessup's home. She said the story doesn't end there. Snodgrass told 59News many more cockroaches also live inside the ice cream coolers Jessup sells to the public from.

"I told him he needs to take the satellites off his house so that we can paint the house and he called law enforcement on us because he didn't want us inside the house. These ice cream coolers on the porch are infested with roaches as is the whole house. There's also ice cream coolers inside his house. These are the coolers he sells to the public," said Snodgrass.

Not meaning to cause trouble with a local celebrity, Snodgrass is only concerned because of the potential health risk she says his habits could have caused the community.

"We're all buying ice cream out of his cart that he is taken out of his house that is covered with roaches. He tells them it comes straight out of the truck but the truck only delivers once a week and he sells the ice cream 5 to 6 days a week. It's being stored in these coolers out of the back porch and in the one cooler in the house and they're all covered in roaches. That makes it a health hazard," she told us.

But Al Jessup denies having cockroaches around his house and in his ice cream. He says now all he wants to do is find a home and continue serving Raleigh County as The Ice Cream Man.

"There's no roaches in any of my ice cream. I'm going to sell ice cream as long as I'm standing on my legs and i've got my fingers and my thumb," Jessup said.

Jessup says he's now looking at renting a house in Mabscott. Snodgrass told us she'll be soon activating an infestation bomb in hopes of finding a new tenant as soon as possible.

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