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Monongalia County Sheriff's Department Responds to Aggressive Dog Complaint

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Monongalia County Sheriff Al Kisner is standing by his deputy that shot and killed a dog over the weekend on Point Marion Road.

The sheriff said the deputy was called to the scene after a man said his wife was trapped in her car because their neighbor's dog was being aggressive.

Deputy A.D. Coe said the dog was running loose and came at him twice, so he tried using pepper spray twice to try to make the dog stop.  The sheriff's department said the dog continued to charge and try to attack Coe, so he was forced to shoot it.

The dog warden was also at the scene.  The sheriff's department said the warden was not able to get the dog out from underneath the trailer where it ran after being shot.  "Comments have been that we just left the dog there to die and that's absolutely not true. There were all kinds of attempts made to get ahold of somebody that could come there to get the dog out from under the trailer for treatment. Because, when the dog warden tried to get under the trailer he would have had to crawl under there to snare the dog and it was still being aggressive, barking, and snarling, and those kind of things," said Sheriff Al Kisner.

12 News plans to follow up with the dog's owner and will have more on this story later this week.

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