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'Save the Tygart Watershed Association' Members Teach at Preston County School

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Fellowsville -

'Save the Tygart Watershed Association' came to Fellowsville Elementary School to teach the students about the water cycle and even look at some creepy crawlers. But what they're most concerned with is the quality of water of the left and right fork that leads into Little Sandy Creek.

Members of the association taught kindergarten through sixth grade children with diagrams, videos, and even sing-a-longs. It wasn't just fun and games at the Preston County school.

Students learned why clean water is valuable to them and the entire community. Fellowsville Elementary School is a perfect location for this lesson.

"We have some really high quality water in the right fork of little sandy creek, and some really bad water in the left fork of little sandy creek," said Paul Baker, a member of the association. "We'll be able to take a look at both of those streams, take samples from them, and do comparisons of the insect content of the streams."

The students were able to see insects that live in the clean stream and the lack of insects that live in the not so clean left fork. It has too much acidity for anything to grow.

'Save the Tygart Watershed Association' taught students the big picture about water quality and showed them it's a problem that needs to be fixed right in their backyard.

"That stream then impairs Sandy Creek all the way to Tygart Lake," Baker said. "The cleanliness of the stream is very important because If we can clean up Sandy Creek, it'll go a long way towards cleaning up and helping the water quality in Tygart Lake and the Tygart River. All the way to Fairmont. "

After the students learned about the quality of their local creek, they wrote letters to politicians to hopefully get them to make a difference.

The association hopes to put in lime dosing stations at the beginning of the left fork stream, and begin a clean-up program, but has a lack in funding.

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