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Tomaro's Bakery Celebrates 100 Years in Business

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Tomaro's Bakery has been a staple in not only Clarksburg and Harrison County, but throughout West Virginia and even the United States for the last 100 years. It celebrated that milestone on Friday with members of the community who love 'to eat Tomaro's Bread Today.’

The bakery that's famous for its Italian Bread and pepperoni rolls celebrated 100 years in business by throwing a party for the people who have kept it in business all these years.

There were proclamations made by the city, the county, and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, who said she remembers growing up with Tomaro's, and now uses pepperoni rolls in her everyday life.

"As Secretary of State now I use the pepperoni roll really as a tool to show the economy of our state and to show off our state too. It's an invitation and my foot in the door to show the rest of the country what West Virginia is all about,” said Tennant.

Tomaro's was opened in Glen Elk in 1914, and 100 years later many generations have operated the business.

Current Vice-Presidents Marisa and John Brunett said they grew up at the bakery, and to see it make 100 years is a great feeling.

"As kids our dad worked a lot when we were little, so we wanted to come and see him in the bakery. It would be late and we would fall asleep on a stack of flour sacks because we just wanted to be around our dad. It is an honor and a great feeling to see a milestone like this,” explained John Brunett.

Along with reaching the milestone of 100 years in business, one more was met on Friday.

The bakery cooked six of the world's longest pepperoni rolls, measuring at seven feet long a piece, for the public to enjoy.

"Our customers definitely keep us going from all across the country. We just want to thank the community for their love their show of support in being here with us today and helping us celebrate this amazing historic event,” said Marisa Brunett.

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