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Mountaineer Highway Interdiction Team Is Successful in Increased Patrol

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The 'Mountaineer Highway Interdiction Team', or M-Hit announced the near completion of a special "blitz.”

This 'blitz' or saturation patrol started on May 19 and will be finishing today.

State Police, the Bridgeport Police Department, and the Clarksburg Police Department worked together to increase patrol on highways, secondary roads, neighborhoods, and inspected parcels and packages.

M-Hit recovered heroin, bath salts, and marijuana, along with 5 felony charges and 11 misdemeanor charges.

United State Attorney William Ihlenfeld said the team listened to the community for where to patrol.

“They know it better than we know it because they see it every day.  They can look out their window and see suspicious activity and when you get a couple calls about the same area we consider it a hotspot and will throw some extra patrols at it.  This is an example of us listening to those calls of concern that come in from the community."

More than $40,000 worth of drugs were recovered from this blitz. 

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