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A solution comes for the Bud/Alpoca Volunteer Fire Department

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Bud/Alpoca Volunteer Fire Department Bud/Alpoca Volunteer Fire Department
One Wyoming County community has been trying to get a fire department for more than a decade. The Bud/Alpoca Volunteer Fire Department has just not been able to get up and running.

Wyoming County Commission President Jason Mullins explains why it has not yet been able to come to fruition.

"The problem is finding the number of people they needed to get involved in the fire department. They need 10 people to do level 1 training which is almost 120 hours of training and half of those people have to go onto level 2 which is another 40 hours of training," said Mullins.

Right now Mullens and Pineville Fire Departments cover that area. Homeowners say not having a fire department near them is causing them to pay higher fire insurance rates. An Alpoca resident told 59News why his community believes getting it up and running is so important.

I feel like if we had a fire department that everybody would feel much safer. There's a lot of people here that don't have fire insurance because if my house catches on fire, it might be 45 minutes or so until a fire department can get here and set up in the creek," Leonard Green said.

Commissioner Jason Mullins told us a solution is already on its way.
"We are working on a water system that should be up and running in the next couple of years," he said.
Once the public water system is fixed, Mullins said the area will be safer and fire insurance rates will decrease.

Having a public water system will put fire hydrants closer to the residents, and that will drop the Insurance Services Office rates which will also drop the fire insurance rates for folks that live in that area," he told us.
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