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Clippers Controversy: Donald Sterling faces NBA life ban

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There's been a national outcry after Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was recorded making racist comments.  
Ever since the recorded conversation of Sterling, fans, coaches, players and former players have been very vocal about their feelings toward the owner.
"Why are you owning a team that is over 70% african american basketball players," said former NBA player Magic Johnson.
Tuesday afternoon NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made a decision about Sterling's future with the league. 
"Effective immediately I am banning Sterling for life," he announced in a press conference.
Being banned from the NBA means he can't go to any games or practices and can't be involved in any business in the league.  
He was also charged a $2.5 million fine.  
Khalik Lawson, an NBA fan in Beckley, was happy with the Commissoners dCommissioners
hink it was good. I think it was good for the NBA, I think it was ignorant for him to say anything like that."
Others, like Ethelbert Broadnax, think that there could be more racism within professional sports.
"I also think there are other owners within basketball and other sports that behave the same manner and there should be investigations in their actions."
In Game 4, the team warmed up with their shirts inside out to hide the teams logo.  Tuesday before Game 5, sponsor signs and Clipper signs were blacked out, and their website was also bare, just saying "we are one."
Commissioner Adam Silver sais he will encourage thsaidA Board of Governors to force the Sterling family to sell the team.
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