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Cyberstalking, just how dangerous is it?

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Cyberstalking Cyberstalking
Almost everyone these days has a social media profile, but are your posts putting you in danger?

Law enforcement believe trends show that stalkers are targeting their prey online.

Sheriff Steve Kessler told 59News cyberstalking is a serious crime that involves serious dangers.

"You see it everyday, the stuff that people do to other people. And especially with females, putting on there where they're at and where they're going to go makes them vulnerable to being attacked and abducted," Sheriff Kessler said.

So how do you prevent your private information, such as where you are and who you're with, from getting into the wrong hands?

Aside from not posting it in the first place, he said, don't post something you aren't comfortable with the whole world knowing, and that's exactly the rule of thumb one Oak Hill resident swears by.

"Yes, there are certainly people I don't like that look at my page and know where I'm at. Therefore, I don't post things on my page that I don't want them knowing about," said Katherine Golden.

Another resident believes moderation is key. Angela Turney told us she became more cautious with her words online when she realized the vast realm of people it can reach.

"My facebook and pictures, anything I post, if I share a picture I like, I get 4-6 comments in like 2-3 seconds. Everybody sees everything," said Turney.

Specifics and details could mean the difference between safety and stalkers. Sheriff Steve Kessler advised to be vague and post something simple, such as just "having a bite to eat with my friends."

According to West Virginia State Code, cyberstalking is illegal. It states any person who violates a provision of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and faces a fine or jail time, or both. 
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