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Advanced Technology Center Coming to Wheeling Central

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The library at Wheeling Central Catholic High School will soon be transformed into a technology-based classroom.

Construction will begin this summer for one of the most technologically advanced centers for high schools in the mountain state. It will be called the TEAL Lab (Technology Enabled Active Learning) and it's all based on communication and interaction for all subjects and courses. 
"Technology is enveloped in everything that we do and our students have to be prepared for that," said Wheeling Central Catholic High School Principal, Rebecca Sancomb. "But this is interactive technology and it's really going to enhance how they learn throughout all curriculum at Central."

It is modeled after MIT's labs, with plenty of interactive gadgets for students to use in groups.

"We're going to have a two way glass wall that we can write on and they can project things to the tables and the screens on the tables," said Junior Maria Miller. "It's just really exciting to know that this is going to be coming for my senior year at Central and I'm going to have a chance to experience something that just sets us ahead." Teachers are also looking forward to the new lab. They hope it will help to  prepare their students future in a world that's becoming more and more technologically advanced. 

"They're very excited. They know how important it is for their students. And they're here for the students, that's their primary purpose," said Deb Warmuth, Instructional Technology Director. "They love to teach, they want to teach, and they want to help them move forward."

"The TEAL Lab is planned to be finished at the end of August when school begins.

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