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1800s schoolhouse found in barn in Mercer County

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1800s Schoolhouse found inside a barn 1800s Schoolhouse found inside a barn

A property owner finds an old schoolhouse during demolition on his barn near the Montcalm area of Mercer County.

Historians say the structure is the old Mullins School and believe it's hundreds of years old.

Property owner Nelson Pigg told 59News he's open to options as far as what to do with this historic one-room school that he says was built in the 1820s.

Pigg said the school building is made almost entirely of American chestnut. Because of the early 1900's "Chestnut Blight" a devastating disease that caused the American chestnut tree to almost become extinct, Pigg told us he is grateful knowing he owns a piece of very rare history.

"That wood is so rare, it's the most sought after wood in the world," he said.

He would love to cash in on the value of his discovery, but for now, Pigg is still weighing his options.

We're looking at either selling the logs, since they are Chestnut logs, or of someone taking it and restoring it for the historical value of it," he told us.

An original desk used by children in the early 1800s was still inside the building. He'll soon be digging deep to ensure there's not more hidden treasure.

"I'd like to run a metal detector when we get the top layer of dirt off to see what kind of artifacts are in it of children back in that time period. Rumor is it that there's $8,000 buried in it. Maybe we'll find that," he told us.

Pigg said he believes this building is one of the oldest schools in the state.

If you'd like to make the property owner an offer, message 59News on facebook for his telephone number: www.facebook.com/59News

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