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DOH fixes potholes in Summers County; Rt. 20, Rt. 3

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You've been emailing us with your concerns on the conditions of Route 3 and Route 20 in Summers County and we're working for you to find out when the potholes near Hinton and the surrounding areas will be filled.

Division of Highways County Supervisor Gordy Hardy told 59News he understands residents concerns.

He said his crews have been working 10 hour shifts, 4 to 5 days per week since the first day the asphalt plant opened.

This week, his crews are working up Route 20 from Bluestone Dam to the Mercer County line.

"We're grinding sections and utilizing an asphalt paver which puts down about a 3 foot strip of hot mix asphalt. It makes a nice patch and it keeps our roads from getting into the shape to where it needs complete re-surfacing," said Hardy.

Given mild weather conditions, Hardy said they can grind and patch up to 35 tons of asphalt every day. Per resident's requests, and weather-permitting, he told us West Virginia Paving will be fixing potholes along Route 3.

"It's the section from Summers Concrete Plant up to Willow Wood bridge on Route 3 and it's probably the worst stretch of road we have, at least as far as 2-lane roads are concerned in the county, and we will be glad to get it done, and I'm sure all the residents will too," said Hardy.

Ask and you probably will receive. If you have a bad case of potholes on a road near you, give DOH a call and let them know.

"If they call and have issues we will come in and investigate and see what needs to be done and try to get it done within a reasonable time frame," he told us.

To find the number to the DOH headquarters nearest you:


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