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Why does a speeding ticket cost almost $200?

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A $15 fine for speeding can actually add up to more than $150 dollars.

Why is it so steep and where does your money actually go? Our 59News assignment editor just got a speeding ticket in Raleigh County. It says the fine for speeding and court costs are $15, then it lists more costs, totaling $170.25

Raleigh County Commission President Dave Tolliver told 59News, Raleigh County already pays 2 1/2 million dollars per fiscal year to Southern Regional Jail.

When we showed Tolliver our assignment editor's speeding ticket, he was shocked.

"It's unreal. On this Magistrate Court receipt it shows out of the $170 that was assessed for the fine for speeding, $40 goes to the Regional Jail, $48 goes to the Jail Per Diem fee, and then the 3rd Regional Jail fee is Regional Jail Operations Fund which is $30, that is a total of $118 that they get out of one ticket. Southern Regional Jail already charges us $48.50 every day for every inmate we have in the Regional Jail," Tolliver said.

We showed Raleigh County residents exactly what they're paying for when they get a speeding ticket.

"I think that's just ludicrous."

"That's really surprising."

"I think that's crazy, it's just a money racket, that's all it is."

"I would hate to pay that. I'd be outraged but I'd pay it."

We reached out to the Raleigh County Magistrates and they declined to comment, but they did refer us to the West Virginia Judiciary Courts Administrative Director Steven Canterbury, who told us "Residents paying their speeding tickets with the jail fines and the county paying them is really 6 one way, half a dozen the other. If not for the tickets, counties would pay higher, maybe up to $3 million instead of $2 1/2 million."

If you have any concerns or further questions, you can contact your local legislator.

Read more on West Virginia State Code on speeding tickets here: http://www.legis.state.wv.us/WVCODE/ChapterEntire.cfm?chap=50&art=3&section=2A

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