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Division of Highways begins filling potholes left by winter

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With spring right around the corner, the Division of Highways is out fixing the potholes winter left us to deal with.

DOH crews are starting to fill potholes in Raleigh County. Old man winter, the Division of Highways told 59News, is who to blame for the majority of potholes, and this past one, Johnny Vass said, has not been a walk in the park.

"I've been here a long time, this is one of the worst winters I've seen in the past 25 years. With the thawing and the refreezing at night, it just wrecks havoc on the roads," said Johnny Vass, Raleigh County Supervisor.

The most traveled roads with the most dangerous potholes get the first priority.

"WV 16, US 19, WV 41, out there on Stanaford and others out there that way. Here in the next few weeks when the plant does open, we'll concentrate on those main roads then hit the secondary roads this summer," Vass said.

Vass shared the process involved in maintaining the safety of Southern West Virginia's roadways.

"We have to come out in the middle of the road, rip it up, put some tack down. Then we use recycled asphalt, mix it up and roll it," he told us.

In the next few weeks the Division of Highways is able to lay down about 6 tons of asphalt a day. Vass told 59News once the asphalt plant opens up, they'll be able to lay about 60 tons every day.

"We did talk to the asphalt plant, West Virginia Paving, they're scheduled to open sometime within the next few weeks or the first half of next month," he said.


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