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UPS delivers 10,000 bottles of clean water to Bud and Alpoca

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After 169 days without clean water one Wyoming County community is finding relief.

When Charleston UPS employees heard about the Bud and Alpoca water situation, they decided to pitch in. 59News was at Herndon Consolidated School where residents are getting clean water for the first time in 6 months.

Having a surplus of clean water after Charleston's chemical spill crisis was over, UPS donated 10,000 water bottles and 250 gallon jugs to Bud and Alpoca residents. Pamela Quesenberry shares with 59News a day in the life of her 6-month-long water nightmare.

"It's been a terrible, terrible experience. I would not want my worst enemy to have to go through what we've been through. You can't boil your bath water. When you look at your bath tub and it's brown and orange, there's no way you can use this water," said Quesenberry.

Gallon after gallon of clean water was hauled off the truck. Any resident was able to take as much clean water as they needed. Quesenberry couldn't help but be overcome with appreciation.

"I am so very thankful for the UPS truck and everyone who has thought of Bud and Alpoca enough to bring us some decent water to drink," she told us.

Ben Franklin said that out of adversity comes opportunity. Principal Lusk told 59News never before has a community rallied together to help out the elderly and those that cannot access the clean water themselves.

"I'm going to take some water to my neighbors and to the elderly people and those who do not own cars," Lusk said.

Quesenberry shared with us when her water will once again, after 169 days, be useable for everyday necessities, this is the first thing she will do to celebrate.

"I'm going to get a good bath. That's the first thing on my agenda. I'm going to get a good bath then clean my house," she said.

Principal Lusk tells us authorities are working as hard as they can to resolve the issue. She hopes within a few weeks Bud and Alpoca will once again see clear water.

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