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Students at Liberty High School return to class following bomb threat

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Student and staff at Liberty High School follow normal protocol after a bomb threat was made. Student and staff at Liberty High School follow normal protocol after a bomb threat was made.


The all clear was given at Liberty High School at around 12:45 p.m. following a bomb threat at the school.  According to Superintendent Jim Brown, the students were evacuated to Trap Hill Middle School. 

Superintendent Brown said that the situation was similar to what happened in January.  A note was found claiming that there was a bomb located in the building somewhere.  Brown said the note appeared to be the same as the one left previously and it was found in the same location.

(Click Here for information on the bomb threat in January)

Based on the evidence so far, Brown said it could be the same person who left both notes.  At this time there have been no suspects identified.  Superintendent Brown said that if a student was identified as the suspect, the Board of Education would recommend expulsion for that student.

Police and administrators at Liberty High School in Raleigh County are working to ensure the safety of students and staff after a bomb threat was made.

According to Jeff McClung, Director of Pupil Services, the school was made aware of the threat at around 10:15 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 17.  The Principal followed the establish bomb threat protocol at the school.  There was no information released about what the normal protocol is for Liberty High School.  McClung said that once the building in searched and determined to be safe, students will return to class as normal. 

59News has learned that State Police are handling the search. There is no information on how the bomb threat was made.

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