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Insurance agents warn drivers about winter accidents

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Damaging our vehicles is one thing all of us have to worry about in this dangerous winter weather.

And sometimes if you're involved in a minor car accident, it's hard to decide when to take advantage of your insurance company.
Insurance agents like Jeremy Miller in Beckley said you may not always want to call and file a claim right away.
He said the first person to call is your insurance agent.

"Some companies just by longevity and being accident free for so long will actually not charge you for being accident free for 5 years. It's important that you meet with your agent once a year so you actually know when a winter like this hits, what is going on and if that does happen you don't panic and think your premium is going up because that is not always the case," said Miller.

Miller said the key thing to remember is simply ask for help before making any decisions on your own.


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