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What will happen if Raleigh County schools go over snow day limit?

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Parents, you might be wondering, what if Raleigh County schools go over their allotted snow days for the year?

Raleigh County schools will be closed again Thursday. That means all eight days of their snow day limit will be used. If there's more snow days after "Day 8" Superintendent Jim Brown told 59News it will not cause any more days to be added to the school year.

However, Brown said starting this Fall, that's changing. He told us new legislation will require all snow days to be made up at the end of the year.

"In '14-'15, the new Senate Bill 359 requirement will be implemented which means we could see kids in school all the way through June. The school calendar can run 48 weeks and that will really extend the school year. We will be required to make up a day for a day," Brown said.

The last day for Raleigh County schools is June 4th.

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