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Driving Without Cleaning Snow and Ice off Your Vehicle Can Get You Pulled Over

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With snow, ice, and cold comes some of the inevitable tasks people dread doing.

Shoveling, driving in the snow, and something you can only prevent if you have a garage: cleaning the snow from your car.

And if you don't do a good enough job you can get pulled over.

"According to West Virginia law your vision cannot be obstructed in any manner so ice and snow on your windshield, side windows, back windows, that obstructs your view and would be considered a violation," explained John Walker, Bridgeport Police Chief.

Walker said officers are lenient when it comes to pulling you over for not cleaning your windows, especially during weather like this.

But there is one thing that makes officers take a second look.

"The one that catches our eye are the ones that make no effort to clean the windshield or car at all. If it's obvious that they have no field of vision then we're going to stop them," Walker said.

Walker said not clearing your windows off is dangerous to you and others.

"There are so many things that can happen if your vision is obstructed. There can be someone who walks out trying to cross the street and you not be able to see them because your peripheral vision is obstructed. You need to clean your lights off too because if you can't see the tail lights of a vehicle you don't know if that vehicle is stopping in front of you and can cause an accident," Walker explained.

Walker said the main areas that need to be hit include the front and back windshields, all the windows, and the lights.

He also said your license plate should be visible.

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