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University of Charleston students move to Beckley during water disaster

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Students who should be staying at the University of Charleston's main campus are relocated this week in Beckley.

Just in time for spring semester students at UC's main campus no sooner got to their dorms and had to pick up and leave again.

"It was pretty crazy we just unpacked and had to pack up again," said Adam Debriae.

Debriae is taking online classes with UC and said he can't imagine what they would have done if Beckley wasn't an option for them.

"It was great just to take a shower, we really didn't shower for a few days," he said.

Right now about 80 UC students are staying in Beckley but until the water clears up more will be one the way.

"We expect the numbers to keep growing we have the men's and women's basketball teams coming so that's 50 students right there," said Resident Director Danielle Cooper.

     Student leaders said they're doing everything they can to make sure the students feel at home.

"We went to the store and bought them snacks we go on nightly Walmart runs we've been doing laundry trying to make them as comfortable as possible," said Cooper.
     And students said the visit is actually allowing them to discover more of the mountain state.
"We went down to the shopping area and were going to the mall tonight and maybe the New River Gorge so we really got to see more of West Virginia," said Debriae.

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