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Wyoming County residents fed up with dirty water

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Water is coming out of sinks, showers and toilets as brown as mud, that's what areas of Wyoming County have been dealing with for months.

Bud, Alpoca and other towns have been under a Boil Water Advisory since September. 59News reporter Jessie Gavin spoke with residents who are fed up.

Long-time Alpoca resident Barbara Griffith told 59News the water is nothing like anything she's ever seen before.

"I have never in the 27 years I've lived here, had to deal with what we have to deal with now," Griffith said.

Griffith believes buying hundreds of gallons of water a week to be used for everyday needs is getting old.

"This isn't the olden days. We shouldn't have to go out and carry our water to be able to do our dishes and take a bath, wash our hair and to put it in our bath tubs for our babies to play in. This is the modern times, we shouldn't have to live like this," she said.

Homeowners and neighbors aren't the only ones in East Wyoming County dealing with this dirty water, Herndon Consolidated School is suffering as well.

"We bring hundreds of gallons at a time in gallon jugs from the local grocery store and we use hand sanitizer in our bathrooms because we can't even wash our hands in the water," said Principal Virginia Lusk.

The school's cafeteria is taking extra safety precautions as well.

"We have to use paper plates and plastic utensils in the kitchen because we can't wash the dishes in this," she told us.

So what has caused the dirty water in the first place? Principal Lusk weighs in on Logan County Public Service District and Alpoca Water Works.

"They did not have a certified water operator, so nobody has been treating the water for some time. The filter has gotten clogged up and dirty," said Lusk.

The school, and the community, should soon see better days.

"The State Board of Health and the State Public Service Commission has had meetings here with the community. They tell me there should be light at the end of the tunnel and maybe when we come back to school we should see some improvement in the water," she told us.


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