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Harrisville Police Chief Helps Save a Woman from Burning Home

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On Monday afternoon a house in Harrisville caught on fire and the woman who lived there was trapped inside. Lucky for her, the emergency personnel on scene acted quickly.

When Harrisville Police Chief Mark Lamp arrived at the fire on West Virginia Avenue he thought he was going to do what he usually does at fires: traffic control.

"When I first arrived on scene there were flames shooting out the front of the trailer. A couple of the neighbors said there was someone still inside," said Lamp.

But when Lamp heard that someone was still inside he reacted quickly and made his way around the house.

"At that point I knew I couldn't get in the front so I went around back and there was a volunteer firefighter that lived around the corner already on the back porch. I heard Luke Kincaid, the firefighter on the scene, say he saw a hand," explained Lamp. "Luke went inside the door and grabbed her by the head and arm and started pulling her out. We got her legs, the four of us, and carried her to where it was safe and away from the smoke."

Lamp said it was a complete team effort including himself, Kincaid, Corporal Eric Flevoris, and Deputy Greg Britton both with the Ritchie County Sheriff's Department.

The woman was taken care of by EMS workers at the scene, and Lamp said she didn't seem to have suffered any burns.

She is currently in Cabell Huntington Hospital.

While some people may think of Lamp and the others as heroes, he said they were just doing their job.

"That's just, our job, it's what we do. It wouldn't matter, I've met the lady once or twice probably, but it wouldn't matter who it was, that's just what we do it's our job," Lamp explained.

The woman is currently listed in fair condition. 

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