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All Preschool Students and Teachers under One Roof in Doddridge County

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Smithburg -

Just a few months ago the Doddridge County preschool building was empty, getting some plumbing work done, and the classrooms were just getting ready. Now more than 70 preschool students get to spend their days there.

During the summer, crews worked daily to get the building ready for this school year.

Now all four preschool classes are under one roof.

"In the past we had two classrooms here and we had two in our elementary school. Because of limited space in the elementary school we needed more space over there so we moved the students from there over to here," said Wesley Ezell, the pre-school director.

Ezell said a lot of work had to be done to get the building ready.

"This whole place was a lot of offices with exceptions to the two classrooms, the gymnasium, and the cafeteria. We had to make all those offices into the classrooms that we now have," said Ezell.

Now the building is complete with four classrooms, a cafeteria, and a playground.

Teachers at the school said it's nice to have all preschool students and teachers in one place.

"It's so nice for the collaboration aspect. We have team meetings and they're right here in the facility. We get to share ideas and the students get to interact with each other. They love it because they get to of course get to mingle and we eat breakfast at the same time," said Marcy Mueller, one of the teachers at the preschool building.

Ezell also said having all the classes in one building has many benefits.

"They have a lot more opportunity to collaborate with each other. In the past when we had two here and two at the elementary they didn't have the opportunity to collaborate as much as they do now. It gives the parents a sense of security because they're in a smaller school system working their way up into the larger elementary school," Ezell said.

The school is located off of the Smithburg exit on Route 50.

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