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Lewis County Man Going Off The Grid

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Living out of an RV may not sound like much fun, but for Pat Brooks, this is exactly how he wants to live. He moved here from Ohio after his mother died, and said that was the beginning of a new direction for him.

"At that point, my wife and I decided to sell off just about everything. What we didn't sell, when we moved down here to West Virginia, a flood came up and took the rest of it," said Brooks.

And since then, they've continued to simplify and minimize, and now everything he and his wife own fits in this RV, and he says they couldn't be happier. They've gotten rid of possessions they say are meaningless, and live with just what they need. And at this time of year, that's a lesson he thinks people need to remember.

"You see the reports about people going crazy in the malls stabbing each other, tasing each other. There's nothing out there that important. And so it's nice to be free from that stuff," Brooks said.

It's not just the stuff he's broken away from. Brooks has paid down all the debt he once carried, and has reduced so much, he and his wife are better off financially too.

"Being that we're not bound by property, by taxes, houses that we have to pay insurance on, taxes on, electric bills, gas bills, not being bound by that, my wife and I spend less now than we did thirty years ago," said Brooks.

It wasn't an easy process; Brooks says he had to persuade himself he could make it happen, but he thinks anyone can make such a lifestyle work.

"The hardest part is doing it, convincing yourself that you don't need everything," Brooks said.

When Brooks and his wife are ready to pick up shop and move on, he said they'll be ready to move out within just a few hours.

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