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Elderly couple gets debit card numbers stolen

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An elderly couple finds themselves victim to credit card fraud after learning someone was charging Walmart gift cards to their account hundreds of miles away.

Wilma Meadows and her husband said they have a social security income of about $1,000 a month, and they hardly ever leave the town of Alderson, but somehow, a woman got ahold of their debit card number and stole more than $400 from their account.

With overdraft fee's from the bank, their total loss is now up to about $800.

"How could this happen to someone like us with low income? We don't go anywhere but the dollar store and Walmart and Kroger we don't go out and spend big money or anything," said Meadows.

The meadow's said someone made purchases with their card online, and also bought items and gift cards at a Walmart in North Carolina.  Her bank said someone actually made a fake card with her numbers and swiped it several times over the past week.

"I'm so bad about standing there with my card and pecking it on the counter while I wait for them to check me out, or just standing there with it in my hand and not thinking about the fact that someone could be standing behind me and getting that number," said Meadows.

They tell 59 News they were so shocked because their card never left their wallet or the state of West Virginia.  They said even their bank has no idea how this could have happened.

Meadows said it's one of those things you never think will happen to you.

"That was the big thing we don't dream of someone else doing something like that you hear about it and you see these scams on TV where they have machines that can get your number but you don't dream of it really happening," said Meadows.

City National Bank is reimbursing the couple the money they lost, however it won't be until January until the money gets back to their account.  The incident is being investigated by the West Virginia State Police.

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