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Fayette County elderly widow's home burns to the ground

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An elderly woman is without a home on Thursday in Fayette County after it was destroyed in an early morning fire.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin brings us all the details from Laurel Creek Road.

Family members told us an elderly widow has lived in the home for the past 40 years and she was sleeping in her home when the fire started.

The fire began around 7 a.m. When 59News crews pulled up to her house shortly after, 78-year-old Drema Jeffries was very shook up but remarkably not injured in any way. Left with nothing but the shirt on her back, her grand-daughter took her to Walmart to buy new clothes. Daughter-in-law Louise shared with us the early morning nightmare.

"I went to the bus stop to drop my daughter off and I came back in seconds and my mother-in-laws house was engulfed in flames," Louise Jeffries said.

What was temporarily contained in the living room, spread quickly and in minutes her home was gone.

"After I came up here and we found out she was out I took a picture of the propane tank and it was fully on fire and shooting through the house from in the window and it caught the whole house on fire and it was engulfed in flames in no time," Jeffries told us.

The only things left of her house was a charred up washer, dryer and freezer.

"We're going to try to do everything we can with our friends and family. If we can get the community to help us we will try to build her a new home," she said.

For now, Louise is staying with her son. No cause has been determined yet.

To donate to Drema's new house, call Louise Jeffries at (304) 574-6084.

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