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Flu Season is here and it's time to protect yourself

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We're two months into flu season and health department's in the area said they've already seen numerous reports of the flu this year.  Flu season is almost at it's peak here in the mountain state and it's time to protect yourself.

People often think by getting the flu shot you could be giving yourself the flu.  But experts said that's not true at all.

"You may feel bad while your body is building up the immunities. If you're getting the virus that's not live then you cannot catch the flu from that because it is a dead virus," said Mercer County Health Department Registered Nurse Sandie Davis.

While there are a few side effects to the shot, Davis said they're nothing compared to dealing with the flu.

"It's much better to feel a little achy have a little bit of a fever versus being extremely sick for a few weeks," said Davis.

We checked some pharmacies in Mercer County to see what they offered.  Turns out, both CVS and Walgreen's sell the shot for $32 dollars a piece.  At the health department, they cost just $17.

And if you have no health insurance, or can't afford it, they'll gladly give you one for free.

Nurses said the flu is here and one important thing you can do to stay healthy is wipe of your shopping carts at grocery stores to prevent spreading germs.  Even if you think you're healthy enough to fight off the flu... it's important to think about who you might be exposing it to like young children and older people.

"We can fight it off it might be a mild case but for them it's serious and life threatening," said Davis.

Another option if you're not a fan of needles is a nose spray vaccine.

It'll cost you $20 but it actually protects against four strains of the flu as opposed to the usual three.

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