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Bridge Day 2013 wrap up

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Crowds had enough to cheer for on Bridge Day. But the number one to be cheerful about is no deaths were reported at this year's celebration. Several base jumpers were treated for minor injuries as Bridge Day 2013 came to a close on Saturday.

"The jumpers can back safe and sound; there were a few little accidents but no loss of life so we were excited about that," Misty Hysell, Manager of the Holiday Lodge in Fayette County said.

The Holiday Lodge is where most of the jumpers stay for Bridge Day and adrenal seekers came out in swarms for the event.  Organizers said more than 400 base jumpers made around 900 jumps off the New River Gorge Bridge. This is good news for the Holiday Lodge.

"We had every room booked, event tents in the parking lot.  It was really good, it went well, it went without a hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves," Hysell said.

Thrill seekers will have to wait another 365 days before they get the opportunity to jump again.  Bridge Day is the only day of the year jumpers are allowed to take the leap of faith from hundreds of feet high in the air.

Though the visitor's rooms are empty and the Holiday Lodge's lobby is all cleared out, hotel workers are still cleaning up after the big celebration.

"Are you guys going to start planning for 2014 today," 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked Hysell.

"No, not today! Today we are still cleaning up from 2013, but I would say in the next few months we are going to start," Hysell answered.

It takes the Holiday Lodge almost the entire year to prepare for this event and they will start to prepare for 2014 very soon.

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