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Haunted House closed for safety violations

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Haunted houses and attractions are everywhere you look this time of year.  But how do you know if the one you choose is safe for your family?

One Haunted House in Fayette County was forced to close it's doors this year because of safety violations.  After receiving a safety complaint about the old hotel haunted house in Mount Hope, the state fire marshal's office and the Mount Hope fire department came to check it out.

Just two days before the attraction was set to open it was deemed unsafe according to the state's indoor amusement park code.

"We found there was no suppression system, no lit exit signs, there were combustibles used for room dividers," said Mount Hope Firefighter Mark Hughes.

Hotel owner John Potter said the entire incident came as a huge shock to him.

"They assured me that they would arrest me and my family and anyone involved if I opened up so I made that decision right there I just don't need that aggravation, they don't need that aggravation so we just closed our doors," said Potter.

Firefighters said the rules under the amusement park code started back in the 80's when several teenagers died inside a haunted house at six flags in New Jersey.

"We don't want to have a major catastrophe like that so unfortunately it probably did ruin his day but public safety is number one in our book," said Hughes.

Potter said the most disappointing thing is having to turn away the kids.

"The other night I looked out and there's about 8 teenagers with their dad and they had canned goods and they're coming up to the door and they read the sign and I was looking out the window and I didn't even have the guts to come down and tell them what was going on," said Potter.

Potter said he has no plans to open the haunted house in the future.

Firefighters said the most important thing you can do when you walk into a haunted house is check for an exit sign or ask someone the escape plan in case of an emergency.

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